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Reprinted from the Now-Englaud Historical and Genealogical Register for Oct., 1897 

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JacoB"^ Kuiix was horn altout 1712, an<l his native place is sui<l to have 
been Gochsh(;im or Gochseu in Wiirttemherg. In 1882 liis^rreatirreat grand- 
daughter, Mrs. JMartlia A. (Kiihu) Chirkc, visited Goeh:dit'im, v.iiieh has 
been in IJaden since the time ot Napoleon I., but was told that ihe public 
records were burned in 1739, and coukl obtain no information as to her an- 
cestors. She wrote to Gochseu, but learned notliing. In " Peters Hof" 
near Heidelberg there is a monument to a Jacob Kuhn, but the writer has 
no copy of the inscription. 

Among the elTects of the late George Wysor Kuhn was a certificate of 
good character, ilated at Carlsridie in Baden in 1730, recommending one 
John Jacob Kuhn and signed by (ieorg .Jacob Finck *' Ober raeister " and 
bv two otliers. It is prohalde that this document was brought to America 
V>y Ji^cob K'dm. and if suggpsf.> the theory that his original Uiime may ha,ve 
been John Jacob. 

Some years since I noticed the name of Abraham Kulm in a list quoted 
from the JMassachusetts State Archives, and {)ublished in some historical 
"work or periodical, which had reference to Indian affairs in what is cow 
Maine about tlie period of tiie Revolution or shortly before. It seemed of 
no special interest at the time, but subsequently a great granddaughter of 
Jacob Kuhn, when she was u])ward.s of ninety years of age, stated that in 
her youtii she had heard a story that Jacob had a brother nained Abraham 
Kuhn and a brother-in-law by the name of Abraham Weddock, both of 
■whom were expelled from a German university for sedition, and came to 
America together, and lived among the Indians in the wiKlerness of Maine. 

The only reason for mentioning this improbable tradition, is the above 
coincidence. Unfortunately many hours of patient research have failed to 
re-discover the printed list. 

Jacob Kuhn came to America in 17.34, bringing; with liira his faniily, and 
was drowned, together with his eldest son, near the mouth of tlie Ke;nnebec 
river, November 28, 17G3. It has been said that the place has since been 
known as Kuhn's or Coon's Point, but I have never seen it indicated on a 
map. Jacob was a staunch Lutheran and several of his religious books 
are still preserved. The old German bible that he brought with him 
Tvas printed at Meiningen in 1710 and contains portraits of the duke, Er- 
nest Ludwig, and of the duchess of that principality. 

He married Margaret Weddock, who died in Boston vSeptember 24, 
1792, ageil eighty years, and was buried near the foot of the mall in the 
graveyard on the Common, but her remains were later removed to tlie 
family tomb near by, as were those of tiie tour 3'oungciiildren of her grand- 
sou Jacob Kuhn. She wrote hor ruime Margarete.^ Al)out 1770 she built 
a house on Nassau, now Tremont Street, and in her v>'ill dated September 
13, 1784, proved October 30, 1792, she gave this estate, v.-hich had been iier 
home, to her two sons, George of Boston, "mariner," and Jacob in the 
county of Essex, " distiller." 

The Children of Jacob^ and Margaret (Weddock) Kuhn were : 

1. Jonx MiciiAKL,- b. in Gi'rninn_v and (.Irowncil at the same time as 
his father; iniinarried. l\< has been said that his nnnie -was Abra- 
ham, but this appearj^ to be a confusiou ■vvith his allojjjed uncle of 
that name, 
ii. Jacob, - b. about ITS.S. Probably the Jaco'o Knlui "vvho dieil in 
Newburyport, Se[)teuiber 17, l.-<os, v.iiere he iKulresiderl for many 

years. lie married .Mcldtal)le Avho died, and he n;:irried second 

December G, 1781. .Vnna IMoods'. lie inurricd third .Inly 8. lid',), 
Abigail Pike. I'.olli of the t^vo latter marriii^'os were iu Xewbury- 
port, and ad of the chUdren were boru tht-re. 

The childri>u ^ve^o : 1 Jfarf/nr/'t,^ b. Sent. G. 1771 : d. in Hudson, 
N. H.. Feb. 20, Lsr,5; unm. 2 Sti.rah,^ b.'Xov. 25, 17S2. 3 Juna,^ 
b. Au£c. 7, 17-<.": d. in Newlniryport, May ol, l>-oS; num. 4 
Jacob,^ b. April 27, I7o7 : said to have died yonni;. .") Jolin. Micuu.el,^ 
b. Sept. 15, 17s',»; d. in t"a;ni-rid;re, Mass., June IG, ISill. He was 
twice married, and ha<l two sons, but neither of ihem kft cliihUvn. 
6 Esther,'-^ b. 17'.»1, d. in P>oston An:;. 15, ls(;7; num. 7 Mar>/.^ b. 
x\pril 27, 17'.>:3. 8 Elizah.iih,^ b. June 10, 17',tl ; d. iu Boston July 27, 
1880; unm. 
2. ill. Jon.v Gf.okgk,- b. in Kbniijsberg, prob.alily the town of that name 
in East Prussia, Aug. 1,1740; d. iu Boslon Nov. 20, i.s22. The 
fact that his elder brother's lirst uumo was also John aeciiis singu- 
lar, but appaiiiitir was the case, 
iv. Mauy,* b. hi America; said to have mavrhd iu Boston, William 
AVhitc, an Englishman, and to have left tlic country at tiic eva<m- 
ation of the town by the British, cjhe is mentioned in her moth- 
er's will. 

2. John George- Kchn (JacoIP-). For many years he resided in the 
house built by his mother, and in 1793 became, by purclnise of his 
brotlier's interest, the sole ov.-ner of the property. See SuiTolk 
Deeds, Lib. 177, fol. 116. After he came to ijo^ton he ceased to 
use his first name and was known as George Kuhn. In 1770 a 
George and a Margret " Cuhn " were petitioners to the General 
Court in reference to a Ltitherau Church (Massachusetts Archives, 
Vol. 14, p. 58G), but if they were identical with George and Jlar- 
garet Kuhn it is the only known instance of either of tlie latter 
spelling the surname in that way. The names to the pt;tition are not 
autooraphs. For many years George Kuhn attended Trinity Church 
(Episcopal), and all his children, e.xcept Jacob and George, were 
baptized by the Rev. William "Walter. Although called a " mar- 
iner " in his mother's will, for a loug period he kept a private school 
and twenty years ago some of his former pupils were living. He 
was tall, thin, and of light complexion. His private journal and 
some of his letters and books are in existence. The New-England 
Historic Genealogical Society has one of the latter, a religious 
work in German, lie was a man of high character and much re- 
spected. His remains were placed in the family tomb on Friday, 
November 22, 1322, where rest many of his descendants. 

He married iu 17G1 Anna Kohler, horn in ''Eugelstein, a Town in 
Germany in Prussia in the Pi-ovince of Natangen which lays AS 
miles Soutii East of Konigsberg," September IS, 1737. She died iu 
Boston November 4, 1821. 

The children of John George" and Anna (Kohler) Kuhn were all born 
111 Boston ; they were.: 

3. i. Jacob, 3 b. Nov. 25, 1763 ; d, Sept. 22, 18;;5. 

ii. Mary,M). April 1, ITCO-. bapt. Sunday April G; d. July 2G, 1S29, 
and was buried in tlu; family lonib. Slie m. in Boston, June 
14, 17'J5, Ucv. IV-tui- Tliachcr, I.).D. ofliciatin^, Benjamin Kicc, 
who d. Jan. 8, 1832, and hud one child, ilary,* d. iu 1>00, aycd 
three years. 
iii. Anx.v,^ b. Feb. 11, 17GS; bapt. Ash Wednesday, the 17th; d. in 
Boston Xov. 2o, 1S.3(J. Siie m. in Bo-,tou April .">, 17;).5, llev. 
Samuel West, D.D., ofllciatinLT, Nathaniel Bradlee ol" Boston, b. 
April 27, 1770; d. .Vpril 27, l>i;Ji'., and had 1 Aim.-^ JJr'.aUce, h. Jan. 
22, 17'JG; d. June 22, 1S15. 2 Xatlvuiip^P Bradlee, b. July 5, 1798; 
d. July 2, 1602. 3 Elizubcth* Bradlee, b. Feb. 4, 1801; d. in Cali- 
fornia Sept. 1, IHG'J ; n\. Nov. 8, Irfi.s, Lawrence 11. Kerr, who d. 
iu Boston Mav 30, 187G, aijed seventy years. No children. 4 
Mnry Rkt* Brad!<"'., h. May o, 1804; d. .Tune 3, 1804. 5 :}Ianj 
Ru:e* Bradlee, b. Oct. 17, iso.j ; d. .Alareli 22, 18^4. She m. Nov. 
21, 1830, Nathan Upham, who d. Dec. 3, 1874, azed seventy 
years, and had two sons. G JTaryaret AdtUae* Bradhe, b. Dec. 
10, 1807; d. 17, 1880. She m. Nov. 14, 1830. her cousin 
Samuel West Bradlee of Boston, who d. Sept. 17, 1832, aged 
twenty-tive vears, and had a son and a ilamxhtcr. 

4. iv. Joiix,^ b. April 2.;, 1770; ba[it. un Sunday, May Gtli ; d. March 12, 


V. Ei.r/.Ai;ivni,3 b. Jan. 1, 1772; Ijapt. Sunday, 12tb; d. in Harvard, 
Mass., Oct. 12, 1833. She m. Isaac Brld.';e, ivuo died in Harvard 
Sept. IG, 1833, ai;x'd sixty-three years, and was buried tliere (see 
gravestone). Tlie cliiUlreu were : 1 Aoi'j'dl l.rra'j* Brid'je, b. Dec. 
25, 17'J5; d. Sept. i^, 184«j. i j:juza' hrid'ji-, b. March 17, 171JS; 
d. in Cambridge Aug. 27, 18':;2. 3 J/",-,'/ Ann CoJe* Brhljc, h. 
June 4, 1800; tl. iu Candjridge June 25, 1«82. Noae of tlieiu 
were married. 4 Iftaar* Brid-jv, b. July 11, 1no2 ; d. Jan. 12, 1881, in 
New Orleans, where he had been a merchant fur many years. He 
m. June 14, 182i), :\Iary B. Berry, who d. Dec. 21, 1855. She was 
the daugiiter of Jeremiah and Mary (.Miller) Berry of Maine. Isaac 
and Mary Bridge liad twelve ciiildren, most of them, perhaps 
all, born iu New (Jrleaas. Of tlie sons Henry Clay* Bridge served 
through the entire war iu tlie Louisiana Guard Artillery, Jones's 
Battalion, all or part of the time in Early's Division, Ewell's, 
Corps, C.S.A.; and Robert Berry* Bridge was also in the same 
battalion for seven months near the close of the war. 5 Bca- 
jamln* Jlridi/e, h. Uct. 4, 1811 ; d. Jane 30, 1858; m. IMay 25, 1852, 
Sarah Walker of Waltham, ]Mass., but had no children. 

vi. Makgaui:t,3 1-,. yiarch 28, 1774; bapt. on Good Friday, April 1; d. 
Jlay 15, 185G. and was buried at Mount iIoi)e. Slie m. in Boston 
May 7, 17'J7, Kev. Samuel West, D.D., otticiating. Thomas 
R}-der, who d. June 27, 1831, and had 1 Bc.thia Htdat'^ Rtjdi'r, b. 
May 5, 17'.)8; d. .July 10, 171)8. 2 ^[ar■J Ann Ilfdnc-* B'jdcr, h. 
July 21, 17l»U; d. April 7, 1882; ni. Nov. G, 1S2(;, Cluirles Redding 
and had tlve children. 3 Mar>jareUa Philippn Knhn* Bijder, b. 
July 15, 1801; d. iu Boston .Jan. 25, 1894; m. Nov. 12, 182i;. Wil- 
liam Redding, who d. Feb. 8, 1837, and had tliree children. 4 
Son,* b. and d. Sept. li), 1804. 5 Thomas Fhiland'sr* B;/der, b. 
Aug. 11), 180G; d. Nov. 21, 1852. Graduated at Harvard University 
in 1828. He m. March 21), l.s33, Sarah J'. Alijco, and hail three 
children. G Nathaniel Bradlte* it'jder, b. April 23, 1801); d. in 

5. vii. Gi-.(>k.;k,=' b. July 5, 1777; d. May 15, 1847. 

3. J.vcoi'.'' Kciix [John Ororf/>\- Jaco'o^), of IVjstori. In 1781 he be- 
('atne^tani to Witli;iiu r.alccr. \\u\ messenger of tlie GeiH'.ral 
Court, and JNIarch 7, 17S(3, succeeded 3Ir. P.aker and held the olfico 
forty-nine years. The messenger is now designated as tiiC sergeant 
at anus. For particnhirs of -Mr. Kuhn's long otlicia,! life and for 
portrait, see the Neu-KngUmd iMa^^'izine for iMiirch, l^ol, Vol. VI., 

p. 236. Also " 01(1 Representatives Hall," 1895, and the Deflliara 
Historical Rei,nster, Vol. H. Wlien a youiij:; man he luul a pew in 
the Hollis Street Cluircli, and all his children were baptized in tliis 
church by the llev. Samuel "West, D.D. Pearly in the century Mr. 
Kuhn took a pew (10;3) in the West Church, and this pew remained 
in the family until recently, and was occupie<l for more than seventy 
years by his dau^i;hter Anne. The last thirty years of his life he 
suifered from pulmonary weakness and in the summer of 1607 was 
quite ill and went to Lincolnville, now in Maine, to ijenefit his health 
in the pine woods. His ali'ectionate parents considered that he had 
gone a great way from home, and that there was danger of his be- 
ing lost in the wilderness. [Letter of August 9, 1807.] On 
JVIarch 30, 177G, he was pj-esented with a book by "ids uncle John 
geyer," and it is a problem why the boy called Mr. Geyer his uncle. 
There was a German merchant in Boston named -John von Gever. 
Jacob Kuhn became a member of the iNIassachusetts Charitable 
Fire Society in 1795, and of the jNIassiichusetts Charitable Society 
in March 1809. In appearance he was not as tall as his father, 
and of a darker complexion. 

He married October 10, 1790, Hannah, born May 13, 1760; diediri 
Pc"=tou November 15, 1797; daughter of Edmund and .Sarali ( Rand) 
Frost of Cambridge. The marring'j ■"■a:^ performed by the •* Kev. 
Peter Thacher, minister of Brattle street church, Boston." (Cer- 

Jacob Kuhn married second in Boston December 1, 1799, Rev. 
Samuel AV'est, D.D., othciating, Catharine Whitford, who died No- 
vember 17, 1840. The children were: 

i. An.vT':,^ b. July '>, 17'Jl; bapt. 17th; d. Jan. 4. 170.'. 
ii. Hannah,* b. Auu'. 27, 17i»L': bapt. Sept. 2; d. Sept. 29, 1702. 
iii. Gkougi;,* b. Sept. i;5, 17!);3; bapt. Sept. 22, 179;l; d. Sept. 20, 1794. 
iv. Jacob,* b. Jan. ;>, 17'J5; bapt. lltli; d. Oct. 20, 1795. 

6. V. Gkokgk* (Horatio), b.'Dcc 14, 1795; bapt. 27th; d. Feb. 21, 1879. 
vi. ANNg* b. ]\Iarch 27, 1797; bapt. April Kith; d. in Caniliridiic Sopt. 

3, 1880; unni. SIio was a prominent mcniber of the \Ve>t Ciuu'ch, 
and widely known for her benovoloucc and devotion to the poor. 
vii. Jacob,* b. April 2;3, 1801; bapt. May 3; d. Feb. 14, 18;](J. His 
death occurred on board the ship " Georixe Washington" of 
Warcham, Captain r.ihl;s, and was tlie result of an accident. He 
m. Dec, 1827, Klizabcth Ciiapnian, and liad 1 KUzabeth (J'ltharine, 
Wliitfurd,^ b. Oct. 7, 1^^2S; d. in Saco, Me., July 7, 1829. 3 
Elizabeth Catharine niiitfonl,^ b. FL'b. 25, ISoO; d. in Sonierville, 
Mass., Feb. 19, 1893. She m. July 19, 1853, Joel H. Friest, an 
artist, but had no children. 

John' Kuiin (Jolm Georr/e,^ JacoP), of Boston. In 1798 he lived 
on Cambridge Street. He became a member of the Massachusetts 
Charitable Fire Society in 1795, and of the INIassacliusetts Charita- 
ble Society in June l.SOl. He was joint owner with his brother 
Jacob of the family tomb in the Central or Common Burying 
Ground, and his remains were placed theie. lie married August 
12,1792, Sarah, born July 24, 1774; died J)ecend)er 28, ISlC; 
daughter of I)ani(4 and i\Iary (Siicrman) La[)liam of Firchlinrg. 
The children were: 

i. Sauah,* b. Nov. 25, 179.3; d. Nov. 2, 1S.'32; ni. Nov. 20, 1812, Grorg<3 
Fuller, who d. in Mt-dford, ()ct. 7, 1849, and had eight thiklrcu. 

7. ii. John,* b. Aug. 2.;, 1795; tl. Sept. 25, 1876. 

iii.,* b. Oct. 10, 1707; m. in Eoston Oct. HO. ISU, P.ov. Charlos 

Lowell, D.I)., oniciMtirii;, William K. I'hipps, ainlli;ul eiu'-lit cliihlrcn. 

iv. ELizv,*h. Auii. 5, 170'.); d. Feb. IS, l,S(;iJ; lu. in Uo>,r,()ii Jan. 2, 

1820, Kev. Charlos Lowull, D.D., oiliciating, .James Binl, -who d. 

Ansc- 4, IS'HJ, and had seven children. 

V. Emily,* b. Dec. 13, 1801 ; d. Sept. 2;!, lS.-,7; m. Dec. 30, 182-1, Isaac 

Goodrich, who d. Sept. 18, 1818, and had five children. 
vi. D.\N-iKr„* b. Sept. 25, 1803; d. Oct. 23, 1810, 
8. vii. Gkouihc Com:.* b. April 8, 1800. 

viii. C.\.TUAiuxE,* b. July 18, 1808; d. in England INIarch 10, 1840; m. 
April 22, 183.5, V>. F. Foster, but had no cliildren. 
ix. Mary Hick,* b. Svpt. 1, 1810; d. in IJoston May 10, 1883; unm. 
X. Carolink Matilda,* b. Dec. lo, 1812; fi. in IJoVton March 12. 187f); 
m. Jan. 11, 1833, Francis I'.rown of Boston, who d. there May 4, 
1805, and h;id two sons, the elder of whom is Frcnicis Ilnnri/' 
^rotcw, A.M., ^I.D., a prominent citizen of Boston. The second 
son d. ill infancy. 

5. George^ Kuiix {John CUmrgp,- Jacob^). Early in die century ho 

built a house on Fine Street, in Caniljridye, atul liis childre;!! wei-e 
boru and died there. For many years Mr. Kulm was a '• marker of 
tea and prover of spirits" at the Fjuston Custom House. lie married 
Nancy Wyser, who died in Caual):i(lge November 'I'd. ItiGO, u"-ed 
eighty years and seven montlis. Tin; children were : 

i. Caroline,* b. 1807; d. May 28. 188.-,; unm. 

ii. Nancy,* b. 1810; d. Nov. 20, 1871; unm. 

iii. John xJiciiakl,* d. younij. 

iv. Albicrt,* d. ynnnij. 

V. George Wyski:,* b. 1813; d. April 2.",, 1803; unm. lie a man 
of high character, bnt eccentric in his dre^s, wearing a costume 
long since out of fashion. Trior to 1872 he was secretary of the 
National Fire Insurance Company, and for the ten or more years 
preceding his deatli was bookkeeper for Codnian & Freeman, 
the real estate l>rokers. He Avas a regular worshi[ipcr at the Aus- 
tin Street Church (Unitarian). He died suddenly in his sitting 
room, and was buried at Mount Auburn in ihe family lot. 

6. George Horatio'' Kuiin {Jacob, ^ John George,^ Jocoh^). lie was 

for many years a prominent citizen and merchant of P,oston. For 
particulars as to his business career and public services see the 
memoir, by his grandson, published in the Dedhara Historical 
Register, Volume I r. pages 41-49 and HlO, and Volume VIII., 
pages 48-49. Volume II. contains a portrait of ^Ir. Knhn atalmut 
the age of sixty years. He married in Cambiidge August 10, 182.j, 
Martha, born there June 6, 1799 ; died in P,oston, May 31, 1872: 
daughter of Major Walter and Martha (Tufts) Frost ot Cambridge. 
The children were : 

i. AusTi.v,* b. in Cambridge (ancient Austin house") May 22, 1824; d. 
in Boston Dec. 2G, 1844. He graduated from Harvard University 
in Lsl;',, and was a student of medicine. \t college he w;is prom- 
inent at the scml-annnal exhibitions, and wa-^ much lute res fcil in 
the Harvaril Natural Hislory Society, of which he tin? cor- 
res[)onding M'crelary in lsl2. He was a tall, line iooking young 
man, with a tl.-iik (-oniplevion, dark lihu; c^cs ami \\a\y lu-own 
hair, ami possessed a high cliaracter. nuieh eneriry and -imluMon. 
His ne|)hew has ;i manuscript biography of him. Austin and his 
l)rotlier George Gideon each received a nunihcr of school and 
college prizes, including "lirsf gold medals at Cliauucy-Ilall 


ii. Martii.v Anxr,* b. in r.ostnn Feb. C, IS27; d. in Ncoflhfitn, 'Ma^s., 
Sept. ;51), 1801. Educated in tlio privute scliocds of Miss E. 
Gnllkcr, A. I'l-onson Alcott, Mrs. Dwiiilit and (JeorL'e B. Kinerson. 
Slie early siiowed tastes for literature and art and was an ac- 
coini)lisliixl classical scholar and linauist. AnK>n;x her pi'r>onRl 
friends were U(;v. Thomas Starr Kiui;, Dr. Thomas Vv'illiani Par- 
sons, the poet, Ed-win P. \Vliip|)le, Joim G. Whittior, Lonisii 
M. Alcott, Celia Thaxter, Tiionias Hall, tlie wcidiitor, and many 
others of note. In licr youth slm Avas an enthusiastic explorer 
of the White Mountains and is said to have been the ttrst woman 
tourist who walked through tlu; Dixville Notch. She first went 
to Europe in ^Nlay, IS.'i-t, where she studied art for funrleen 
months, and Intel' in life site travelled extensively. She \<u>k 
Sreat interest in llie Xe\v England Women's Club, of whicli she 
was an early mend)er, and also in tlie Massachusetts Society for 
the .Ulvane.ement of the University Education of ^V''omen. M;iuy 
good causes enlisted her sympathy, and she did much for the 
poor. ILer disposition was sunny and her life was most nii- 
seltish. Slie m. in Boston, Sept. 2-i, IS57, Rev. Kzra Stiles Gan- 
nett, D.D., otliciatiu;^, Samuel Greeley ('iarke (IlarvartI Tiu- 
versity, I'^.'Jn, who died April IS), l.s:s7, and liad two children, 
Gtvmjc Kiilt.ii.^ and Jftu-tlm Aimo^. 

iii. Geougk Gidkox,* b. in Boston Feb. 4. IS'JR; d, there Jan. 17, 1847, 
while a member of the senior class in Harvard University. On 
July 1."), 184(i, althonirh then ill, lie ap|)eared for tlie last "time at 
a collecre exhibition, Jiaviui? a Latin oration. lie was vice-presi- 
dent and liiirarian of tiie liarvanl Natural History Society in 
184."), and his private collection of siiells, one hundred and sixty- 
four varieties, is still [)reserved in the orii^'inal trays as marked 
by him. lledied of consumption as diti his briHher. whom he re- 
seml)led in appearance, i)ut was of a li.uditer complexion. 

iv. WiLM.vM Putnam,* b. in Boston Oct. 24, 18;;'.); d. in Paris, France, 
Nov. 21, 18'JG, leaviuij one ilauirliter, <T)'".rc Lillidh'^. For memoir, 
with portrait, seethe New-Eu^lantl Ili?,tor!cal and Genealogical 
Kegisteii for April, lSt)7. 

7. John* Kdhn (.Mm,^ John George,- Jacol/). lie wa? educated at his 
grandfather's school, ami at tlie public schuoU of Boston, iiiclnding 
the Latin school. For many years he lived on Cambridge Street, 
and did business as a tailor in the Suffolk Building, Congress Street, 
and at 8 State Street. Later he was a manager of real estate and 
a collector of rents. For lifty-six: 3'«;ars he was a member of the 
Massachusetts Charitable iMechauic Association, serving as a trustee 
1829-31, and secretary 1847-50. In June 1849 he became a mem- 
ber of the iNIassachusetts Charitable Societ}''. lie was a large stout 
man in his old age, genial and fond of cheerfid company. At the 
time of his decease he was the oldest member of the West Chur<;h, 
although somewhat I'adical in his views as to religion. 

He married May 4, 1829, JMury N. Phip^js, who died June 20, 
1872. The children were : 

i. .ToifN liK.VDroui),* b. Feb. 9, ISnO; d. May, 1854; nnm. 
ii. Mary Fuancks,* b. Jan. 1.',, 18JI; d. Sept. 10, l.s.n. 
ill. CiiAia.ics llr.xitY,* b. Auij. •_".>. 18:!2; d. in Bo-tou Oct. 21, Ks74. He 

was connected with tin; l'>oston lire department. He m. Annie 

Hawkins, hid had no ciiildreu. , 
iv. Er.i.KX Ai:<;rsiA,* 1). Oci. [•;, j.s.U ; d. Sept. 18, ls7;;; m. Xwz- -\', 

18,'.4, El)enSperry Stearns, A..M .D.l)., Chancellor of NasiiviHe 

University, who d. April 11, 1887, and had four children. 

8. George Colf* Kvn:^ (John.,^ John Gtorge,"^ Jacoli^). He married Oc- 
tober 12, 1833, Emeline Chester, and had 
i. Gi'.OKGR IIoiiATio,* d. young. 
ii. HoRACH,* (1. yoviuii'. 
iii. Geouge Alukiit.* Enlisted as a soldier in the Civil War and has 

not been heard from since. Supposed to have been killed. 
iv. Emelixe,* d. Dec. 13, 1S50. 

Note. — As there are a hxrne number of persons, of other surnames, de- 
scended from Jacob Kuhn,' the writer publishes this genealogy in the hope 
that it will be of value iu the future. 

Additions and Corrections : — 
Page 3. — For Ernest L«d\vig, read Ernst LudMig. 

Page 4. — Abigail (Fike), Avife of Jacob- Kulm, died in Newburyport October 
12, 1806. 

According to the Newbnryport record of births, the full name 
of their dauirhter Esther' was Esther Dav, and she was born Julv 
23, 1791. 

Page 5.— The full name of Benjamin* Bridire, son t)f Isaac and Elizabeth' 
(Kuhn) Bridge, was Benjamin Rice Brid:;e. and he died in East 

Page 7. — It is said that Emily* (Kuhn) Goodrich, who died September 23. 1557, 
was buried in tlie family tomb, which is number 114. 

Page S. — The middle name of Mary N. I'hiiips, wife of John* Kuhn, was Newell. 





Notes by Geoi-Lxe Kulm Clarke on tlie Kulm G(Mie:ilo;:y pul)lislie(l in 
the New-Eiishitnl Historical iiiid Geiiealo<_nc;il lioizister for October, ISO", 
and also reprinted witii some additions and con-ectiori:;. The pages, us indi- 
cated below, are those of the reprint : 

Page 3. Since publishins; the genealogy f iiave ol)taiiied a cony of the in- 
scription in " Peters Ilof' of which the foUowing is a transhxtion : 

This crucitjx in honor and in meniory of our SMvionr Jesus 
Christ who died on the cross and of liis mother standing 
sadly under tlie cross and of the Saintly Councillor Sir 
Johanri Jacob Kulin and his spouse Fran Joluinna Catheriua Kuhn 
has been erected. Anno 17C7. 

I know tiiat my ReiiocMiicr liveiu, and tliat lie 
sluiU stand at tin; hitter d;i.y uimhi the earth : 
and thou^li after my skin worms di'.-troy this l)ody 
yet in my flesh sliall I see God. Jo!i xix. L'."» and I'C. 
This monument in consequence of the construction of the railroad was 
removed from t!ie Small St. Feti'r's Cemetery au<i placed in the new cemetery 
ilay 10, LsCO. 

Paul K\dui was one of t'le incorporators of " Tlie German Protestant So- 
ciety in the Town of Waldol/orougli. ' Acts and Pesolves ll'Xd, chap. (J5. Ap- 
proved February 28, 1800. 

Margarete (Weddock) Kului bou-zht the land on Nassau Street of William, 
Benjamin, and Ann Lowder, Xovemoer LT), 1771, for £•>:'. (!s. 8d. 

In the account of Jacob' Kuhn, administrator, \\-\i\\ the will annexed, of 
the estate of his graiulmother Margarcte (Weddock) Kuhn, from wliich we 
learn that her phy>ician was Doctor Thomas Ka-r, is this item: "To Ca-Ii 
paid for a pair of grave Stones for the deceased 1..7..0." Whether a pair of 
ancient " cypher" earrings, said to have been brought from Germany and n(jw 
in tiie possession of a descendant, l)elonged to her or to Anna (KohlVrj Kuha, 
is uncertain. 

Page -4. Tiu! Rev. Thomas Cary ofliciatcd at tlie marriage of Jacob- Kuhn 
and Abigail Pike. 

John George- Kulm died " after an illness of twelve days." Tlis home was on 
the west side of Tremont Street, between Eliot Street and Seaver Place, and 
apparently adj<*inin!j what was designated on the map of I'oston from 18:'..'. to 
1870 as Kulm Place, and which was built upon and ol)literated in 18(!II or 1>7U. 
On Septem!)er li, 1822, he deeded tiic property to his son Jacob,' wlio sohl tiie 
house in 182;;. retaining some of tlic land until I82.">. The house Avas taken 
down in March, 1840. 

Page ,5. Mary' Kuhn. wife of Cai)t. P>enjamin Rice, died in Charlestown. 
Eli/.abetli' (Kuhn) Bridge was Ijiiried in Harvard (see u-ravestone). ^Irs. 
Ryder was ijaptized Marii'arete, and wroti; her name }i[arL:arette. Th;>mas 
Rydtu" (or Rider) lived in Boston in I8O;'.-04 and wa-. ;i "Painter ^^ Gla/der." 
The exact i)irthplace of Jacob' Kuhn is not known to the writm-, nor that of 
any of his children, except the youngest. AccoVding to the liostim Directory 
he lived (Ml Nassau Street in 178',), on South Street in 17!)(J, on Essex Street in 
1708, and in 17'J'.t or early in 1800 "the Dwellinu- house for tlie Mes>eng>'r " 
•\vas cmnpleted and occupied by him from that time niilil hi> deatii. l',y a re- 
solve of tlie General Court, approvcil March 2, 17'.)S, it was directed " that the 
Agents for bnildin^' the new State House, be and hereliy are directed to luii'.d 
at the exiiense of the Cummon-wealth, a small convenient I'rici-c house, and ap- 


pnrtenances, Not to exceed in dimensions forty feet by Twenty feet near to the 
State-IIouse; for the Messeii^ror of tlie General Court for tlie time bciuL:, to live 
in." Tills house was numhured later 4(; Hancock Street, and was removed 
Avhen the reservoir was hullt. 

By resolve approved July 4, 178,", the irovernorwas " to make the usual allow- 
ance to Jacob Kuhn, Door Ketper to the General Court." 

In 178U the salary of the messenger was fi.xed at £'J0 from March 7, 1787. In 
ndii it wasincreaseil to £120, and on June 12, 1818, to .$l,OuO, " payable quarter 
yearly," and continued unchained, with the exception of 18:52. when ^'JlO-OiTj 
were appropriated, until Mr. Kuhn's decease in 18:i.'». In 17U.'> and 171.M'. SlOO 
■were voted to him, from 17'.»7-lso4 .$200, in 180.5 8.".00. from lso(;-1810 .s;';:.0, in 
1811 84,';0, from 1812-1813 .s^rx), from 1814-lsir) -SOOO, in Ibltj .S8.'.0, yljicli was 
in full to Mav 30, 1817, in 1817 tf3.')0, and in 1818 .$2."»0. The amounts named were 
annual additions to tlie salary established in 17L)3, and there were otlicr urants 
to him for special services. In 17'J4 amoni;' the bills which the General Court 
voted to pay was, " To Jacob Kulmn for ridinir Express to Lincoln i.^:, I'riuce- 
tonOcto 1703," £2. 2s. Od. In 1708 the fieneral Court i;rauted lum '• fifty dol- 
lars per annum, for his services, in takim; care of the Ohl State-House, to com- 
mence, from tlie 12th day of January last." 

On March ">, 180(5, ftlOO Avere granted to tlie messeiiirer " for superiiitemlimr 
the repairs of the State House," and similar jjnints were made at other times. 
On June 10, LSOC, with tlie yearly addition of So'>0 to his salary, was •' also the 
further sum of llfty dollars, in consideration of his [jresent sickness." 

Oi Octob^'r 10, 1814, he was voted " eighty cc:^t:' for eacli day he may be em- 
p]r.jTori in takiu'.^ carc of the offices of i-he Ai}2"f'i-^^ Gev-^-d and (Jnarter Mas- 
ter'General, ai^reeably to an order of the General Court of the 13th of June 
last." This compensation ceased in 1820. 

As it was his duty to provide fuel and other supplies for the State House, to 
attend to repairs, and to keep the j|;rounds in order, money was frequently voted 
to him for these purposes. 

The Salem Mer-cury, in an article of somelens^th. published soon after ids re- 
appointment as messenuer in 1834 or 1835, ijives an interesting; description of 
his di^nitled and courteous manners, and comments upon his remarkable know- 
ledge of luatters connected with the State Government, tlie important services 
he had rendered for many years to the successive executives and to the Gen- 
eral Court. 

The wish is there expressed that he would write some reminiscences of the 
many eminent men that he had known, including all the governors under the 
constitution. The writer mentions a considerable number of noted men of the 
period of the Revolution, such as John Hancock and Samuel .Adams, and some 
of a later time, Avith whom Mr. Kuhn had been associated. 

The Fifth Report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston, page 
115, contains two anecdotes of Jacob^ Kulin, and the Ncav Kngland Magazine 
for I\Iarch, 1807, vol. xvi. i>. 100, has a small picture of him. 

Jacob^ Kuhn continued his father's carefully kept record of events in the 
family, stating the hour of the liirths and deaths, particulars of fatal illnesses, 
and tiie time and place of burials. This manuscript is in tlie possession of the 

Page 6. The correct spelling of the name of the sixth child of Jacob' Kuhu 
■was Anne.* She resitted in Boston for about twenty years after her father's de- 
cease, and the remainder of her life in Cambridge. She was most amiable and 
unseltish, and was esteemed and respected by all Avho knew her. In her old 
age she often repeated poetry learned in her youth. 

In 1708 John' Kuhn bought lot 10 on Cambridge Street, and OAvned an unoccu- 
pied house there according to the " Direct Tax " of that year. In 1700 he pur- 
chased lot 0, and appears to have built a double house jointly Avith William 
Kempton, the oaviut of lot 8; see Acts and Resolves^ 1700, chap. 82. The 
family lived on Cambridge Street for many years, and Mr. Kuhn died in his 
house there. Both of tliosu lots Avere sold by his son John-* Kuiin, the former 
in ISjS, and the latter in 1854. In 170G and 1708 John' Avas a tailor at 58 New- 
bury Street, noAV a jiart of Washington Street, and between Essex and Sum- 
mer Streets, and in l80O, and until his deatli, Avas a merchant tailor at 13 State 
Street, Avith the exception of 1818 and 1820 when, according to tiie Boston 


Directory, wliich is said not to have been is^^iu-d in 1810, he %vas at 1? State 
Street. lu 1818 his son John* -wan associated with liiin under the lirm name of 
John Knhn & f'o.. an(i contiiinc<l tlic hnnincss for ahont twonry yoars after his 
father's decease, and v.-as for Mime ywuw at i;'. State Street. In 18O0 Jolin^ -was 
a member of the Board of Health of Eoston. 

Page 7. Ifannah* (Ivulin) Phipps died in Myde Parle May 16, 188'-'. Her hns-- 
baud William K. Pliipps moved to Framin2:liam in .luiie, 1810, and became cap- 
tain of the FrainiuLchani Lii,'ht Infantry. He was an cxeellent musician, and also- 
an inventor of some nott-, and tlio oriijinator of rlie Framinirham India liiitiher 
Company. lie died in Framinirham, December 21, 18t!r>. For further particu- 
lars see the History of Framin:.^iiam by Temple. »- 

James Bird, Jr., husband of Eli/.a* (Kuim).Avas a merchant, and in 1825. 
lived in Charlestown. 

George^ Kulm does not appear to have held a position in the Custom House 
prior to 1827. Presumai)ly lie was tiie (rcorge Ivului, '• liatter," mentioned in. 
the Boston Directory, wlio in 1820 was on Creek Si|nare. 

Page 8. John* Kuhn for twenty years owne<l considerable real estate on Cam- 
bridge and Bridge Streets, besides that acr[uircd by imrchase from the other 
heirs of his fatlier. From 18.'>l-".^,'5 lie was an inspector in the Boston Custom 
House, and in 18.J-1 became a real estate broker, and a^rent. From 183t)-'C.(; his 
oflSce was in the Uld State House. His iiome was on < :am!)ri'ige Street, in the 
house that had l)een Ids father's, nntil 18.v5 or Ib.'xj. but in 1822 and 182.1 lie and 
his mother lived on Bedford Street if the Boston Directory 's- correct. Afl't-r 
the sale of liis real estate, Mr. I\luhn continue(l to live on r'amhridge St-reet, or 
in the immediate vicinity. At tiie time of his lie resided on Cambridire. 
Street. He was buried in his lot at Mt. .\ubnrn. His son-i-ii-lsiw. llev. Eben 
Sperry Stearns, D.l)., LL.D., Chancellor (tf Xa.sliville University, also had a lot 
in that cemetery, and his remains aad of .Mrs-. !!Hearr..s and child are there, .